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Catalog #: SP1019
Artist: Henry Franklin and Bob Mocarsky featuring Chris Trzcinski
Release: 2011

  • Bob Mocarsky - Piano
  • Henry Franklin - Bass
  • Chris Trzcinski - Drums

Album Notes

Review in CADENCE Magazine, Apr-May-Jun 2011 Shanghai is a real Jazz piano trio recorded in China that features bassist Henry Franklin and pianist Bob Mocarsky. The pianist wrote or arranged everything here and though there's nothing earth-shatteringly new in his work, he is very good at working through the broad mainstream of jazz styles, swinging expansively on the waltz "Where Does Time Go" and the easy strolling "Orchids". Also, "Lotus Land" and "The Monsoons" are particularly pretty ballads. "Take The MTR-O," an ode to Shanghai's subway system, has Franklin and Chris Trczinski setting up a dance-able Latin beat while Mocarsky rolls and shakes every which way and "Well Alrighty Then!" is a perky jog through the "Giant Steps" chord progression that shows the fun the members of this group have playing with each other. This is a very enjoyable trio session. -Jerome Wilson

Track 01 :: Shanghai :: Bob Mocarsky :: 5:47

Track 02 :: Orchids :: Bob Mocarsky :: 4:24

Track 03 :: Where Does Time Go :: Bob Mocarsky :: 7:15

Track 04 :: Lotus Land "A Song for Kaori" :: Bob Mocarsky :: 4:49

Track 05 :: Well Alrighty Then :: Bob Mocarsky :: 4:17

Track 06 :: Monsoons :: Bob Mocarsky :: 6:56

Track 07 :: Take the MTR-O :: Bob Mocarsky :: 5:35

Track 08 :: Eve's Night :: Traditional Chinese :: 4:58